Over 150 years of history serving the Lord

History & Timeline
1856- Government land, less than 100 miles west of the Mississippi opened for settlement.
1856- June 1, 1856 Dutch settlers from Wisconsin arrived in what is now Greenleafton.
1860- Church services start in log home conducted by German Missionary.
1867- June 1867 the First Reformed Church in the state of Minnesota was organized.
1869- Miss Anna Greenleaf from Philadelphia, PA bequest $4,000 to the settlement.
1869- The first church was built at a cost of $3,025
1913-1914- A new larger church was built to accommodate a growing congregation. Services were conducted in both Dutch and English languages.
1922-1942- Nearly 300 church attendees were faithfully attending the church during which time the services were transitioned from Dutch to English.
1947- Lightning strikes the bell tower of the church and the structure was destroyed in a fire.
1947-1950- The present day church was constructed. Dedication of this new building was on Sept. 3, 1950. Almost 1,000 people
attended the dedication.
1967- Greenleafton started the local radio broadcast of Sunday morning services on the local radio station.
1972- The church begins Sunday night services in the local ballpark during the summer months.
1973- Church bells and chimes were added to the facility. Spiritual music played twice a day during the week and once on Sunday.
1976- First remodeling of the Church was done in June. Original tile roof was replaced with asphalt shingles.
1992- Greenleafton Reformed Church celebrated the 125th anniversary of the churches founding.
2005- Cameras were installed in the sanctuary to record worship and broadcast on local television stations.
2017- Greenleafton Reformed Church celebrated the 150th anniversary of the churches founding.
2019- Church basement was remodeled to add a fireside room and make better space for fellowship after Sunday services.

1869 Church