Greenleafton’s Mission Statement

The Object of the church shall be:

To spread the Gospel as revealed through our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father.
To teach this Gospel as a plan of saving power for the unsaved, and as spiritual food for the saved.
To serve our God, our community, our country and the world, unselfishly and constructively.

God has called his church to be an active body, one that visibly seeks Him, where promises are faithfully made and kept, where love and honor flow freely, testifying to the person of Jesus Christ. To be faithful in and to the church involves vision, which is to be actively lived out in faith as we strive to live as Christ’s disciples.

What a privilege it is to come before the Lord as his people singing praises, reading from his Word, and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

When we gather together as God’s people for worship, we do so in the spirit of giving. We are called to give. God out of his great love for us has given us so much. Therefore, when we worship, we ascribe to the Lord our glory, honor and praise.

It is Greenleafton’s mission to assist God’s people as they actively seek him and to challenge his people to come forward, joining other brothers and sisters of Christ who are willing to move upward, constantly striving to live a life of discipleship for Christ. We desire to establish strong relationships with individuals who are seeking God’s direction in their lives and uphold the workings of the Holy Spirit within these individuals as they live out their lives according to God’s calling. Our motivation comes from Christ’s example, his birth, life, death, and resurrection. Christ showed us his way as a pattern and we are to follow his “perfect” plan, just as Christ was perfect.